The Vine OC is an entrepreneurial community of startup companies nestled in a contemporary, flexible, collaborative work space in Irvine, California. The bright open environment provides an optimistic and energetic setting for the tenants. The lobby and common area spaces were expanded and now become social and work spaces shared by the wide mix of tenants. Natural daylight, organic materials, glass and color all add to the vibrant interior spaces. While the spaces are designed to reflect a fresh modern aesthetic, they also incorporate a timeless approach to design which strongly relates to the original architecture of the building as well as the changing marketplace.

With the evolution of the way the millennial generation is working and collaborating, and the climate in Southern California, more emphasis is now placed on outdoor work space. A sound system, roll up doors, and shade canopies allow for a seamless transition from indoor to outdoor, and a flexible work space. Flexible spaces for collaboration, socialization, outdoor conferencing and relaxation are crucial to this projects success. Elements such as a fire pit, BBQ, edible garden, outdoor conference spaces and movable furniture make the Vine functional and exciting for a variety of events.

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Project Details

  • Irvine, CA
  • 9,200-square-foot facility

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