This 100,000-square-foot renovation and 30,000-square-foot addition of the existing Storm and Nasatir Building complex provides upgraded program space for the departments of Anthropology, Geography, Political Science, Sociology, Economics, European Studies, Linguistics and Rhetoric & Writing. It will also provide new space for the Language Acquisition Resources Center (LARC). The site is located at the campus edge, with the eastern side facing the pedestrian campus center and the western side composed of a steep slope. New lecture halls with offices above are sited parallel to the existing buildings into the steep slope. The two stepped lecture halls take advantage of the natural slope and are spaced away from the existing building so as to not block any access to views or natural daylight. By spacing the addition away from the existing buildings, there is ample room for additional outdoor spaces and a trellised outdoor plaza. The project is LEED Platinum certified by the USGBC.

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Project Details

  • San Diego, CA
  • 100,000-square-foot renovation
  • LEED Platinum certified

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