Sequoia Union High School District (SUHSD) has a strong initiative to deliver innovative and engaging student environments. Located a quarter mile from the south end of the San Francisco Bay, Menlo Park Small High School’s unique location provides opportunities to use community amenities near the site to augment health, fitness and wellness programs. An outward-focused campus invites community, business and institutional partnerships to drive technology-based education. In addition to program innovation, it allows the school to become a member of the community using a variety of places outside of the school campus. 

The building provides a safe, enriching campus for students to learn and explore. With a site of nearly 44,000 square feet, the building is organized to maximize exposure to daylight, as well as views to the bay. The program is stacked on three floors allowing abundant space for outdoor learning, while the L-shape configuration allows direct access to an adjacent outdoor learning area from every interior space. The design minimizes the environmental footprint by conserving natural resources, reducing energy and water consumption and generating less pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

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