The corporate campus enrichment at Edwards Lifesciences includes the construction of new buildings and parking structures, renovation of the interior and exterior of older buildings, and a variety of amenity types as they expand. To increase collaboration, professionals can use open meeting spaces that encourage information sharing, workstations that are strategically placed to encourage teamwork and increase views to the outdoors and technology-driven spaces connect this global company across time zones and international datelines.

Edwards Lifesciences wanted to create a welcoming and secure gateway onto its corporate campus. The 25,000-square-foot Starr Atrium was designed to serve as a multifunctional gathering space and as an open entryway. The high-volume space is flooded with natural daylight and provides a setting for collaborative interactions between coworkers.

The atrium is used as a venue for hosting events, such as product launches, community outreach programs and company meetings. The space also includes a rooftop photovoltaic array, a displacement ventilation system, extensive daylighting, optimized lighting and sustainably sourced materials and finishes. The surrounding landscaped area incorporates bioretention planter areas to clean stormwater. The project is targeting LEED-NC Platinum certification.

Standardized furniture and finishes are applied throughout the expansive campus and ensures opportunities for flexibility, mobility and wayfinding. Game tables, ping-pong tables and other team building activities promote socialization and engagement and promote their “life is now” culture.

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Project Details

  • Completed in 2013
  • Irvine, CA
  • 32.5-acre site
  • AIA Orange County Design Award Winner