Designed as a "gateway" building and to provide Beverly Hills High School students with state-of-the-art facilities, the Science Center connects the existing pastoral campus setting to the adjacent Century City high rise urban core. The new program will provide 78,000 square feet of new facilities including 18 math classrooms; 12 science labs; a 100-student, fixed-seat lecture hall; faculty work areas; and a multipurpose Educational Development Center for staff mentoring and teaming opportunities.

The buildings materials, colors, rhythms and patterns are a direct response to the stucco and terra cotta of the existing building. These materials are incorporated in innovate ways such as through the use of terra cotta for the upper floor wall tiles, as opposed to the traditional roofing finish. By taking this creative approach to architectural language and context the Science and Technology Center achieve the client's goal of a new campus gateway with a forward-looking identity.

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Project Details

  • Completed in 2007
  • Beverly Hills, CA
  • 78,00 square feet

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