Arcadia Education Center is a 36,700-square-foot, $12.7-million project that incorporates both district office functions and education spaces designed for special education and adult education. Located adjacent to the future Gold Line Light Rail Expansion, the project reuses the current site and shares the adjacent city park. Permeable pavers, planting areas and on-site stormwater pre-treatment help to minimize this project's impact on the city and county stormwater system.

With direct access to the exterior, the education spaces are available beyond traditional business hours, and include all of the technology amenities that come with an Arcadia Classroom. Building overhangs, large expanses of glazing, lighting controls and motion sensors give this project amazing natural daylighting qualities and controls. Designed to be more than 18 percent above Title 24 standards, Arcadia Education Center's site orientation and design allow the owner to save energy costs every year.

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Project Details

  • Completed in 2013
  • Arcadia, CA

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