For more than 27 years Lowell Tacker has been devoted to the practice of architecture. He believes in the positive influences and sustainability that good design promotes and has applied these aspirations to varied building types which include a focus in K-12 educational design. One of Tacker’s qualities is the ability to facilitate community discussion and promote consensus from various groups. A creative problem solver, his ability to assess and identify issues while developing thoughtful solutions is invaluable.  

He is a graduate of the Texas Tech University School of Architecture with a minor in Art. More importantly,he is a lifetime learner which manifests itself in a commitment to curiosity and collaboration.

A past President of the San Antonio Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Tacker also recently completed a term as President of the South Texas Chapter of Council of Educational Facilities Planners now known as A4LE. He currently serves on the State Board of the Texas Society of Architects,AIA National’s Equity in Architecture Commission and is a chairman and steering committee member of Go Public—a campaign created to generate better awareness of the facts about Bexar County’s independent public school districts.

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