Erik Ring has led the integration of engineering services into the firm since 2007.A licensed mechanical engineer, Ring helps ensure all LPA projects strive to exceed energy code requirements by 25 percent and incorporate appropriate renewable energy systems. As a nationally-recognized expert in green buildings, Ring is the engineer of record for more than 20 completed LEED projects and has consulted or advised on numerous other green building projects.

Ring’s design focus is achieving cost-effective, energy-efficient and healthy buildings through the application of appropriate technologies and innovative solutions. His engineering expertise includes energy-efficient HVAC systems and integrating user controls and operable windows into “mixed-mode” buildings.

He has presented his work at local and national conferences including GreenBuild, CEFPI and the Center for the Built Environment.

Ring has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering from Harvey Mudd College and a Master of Science Degree in Architecture from UC Berkeley. He is a licensed professional engineer, a LEED Fellow and a member of the USGBC Indoor Environmental Quality Technical Advisory Group.

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