Over the last four months, the Campus Facilities & Technology Master Plan Advisory Committee comprised of more than 20 students, faculty, staff and Board of Trustees representing a cross section of the University of La Verne community ha s been actively working to prepare and finalize the Mast er Planning process ready for launch in spring 2014.

Committee meetings this fall have included presentations with City of La Verne leaders, Gold Line planning info sessions, 2020 Strategic Vision review, assessment of more than 20 other university master plans and processes, as well as brainstorming themes, ideas, and planning components to ensure that our University’s Master Planning process is exciting, engaging, and most importantly inclusive of our entire community.

“The goal of our process is to ens ure that no one is left out and that everyone has a chance to participate and be heard,” said Dr. Jerome Garcia, Associate Professor of Biology and Title V STEM Activities Director. The Master Plan Advisory Committee’s hard work culminated at the end of the semester with a successul RFP (Request for Proposal) interview and selection process for an architectural and planning firm to work with the University during the entire 18-month phased process through to anticipated completion in spring 2015.

The selected vendor, LPA, based out of Irvine, California is one of the largest integrated design firms in the state and provides expertise in architectural, planning, landscape, interior design, engineering, sustainability , and program development. The firm has more than 600 design awards and was recently recognized by the California Council of American Institute of Architects with the “Firm Award” for more than 25 years of design excellence. More information about LPA can be found at: http://www.lpainc.com/

This coming spring, the Master Planning process will shift from the committee to the La Verne community as the master plan website, multiple online and other surveys, broad data collection and campus-wide open forums begin.

“We want to ensure that the diverse voices within our comm  ity are heard regarding both the current and future needs of our main, College of Law and regional and online campuses,” said David Asbra, ASULV Vice President. “We want to ensure we have a plan for the future which we all can be proud of and say we had a part in developing together,” he added. For more information about the Campus Facilities & Technology Master Planning Process, please contact Dr. Raymond “Chip” West @ [email protected] or 909.448.4480.

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