Dan Broderick, president of Cassidy Turley San Diego, said his firm already made what changes could be made in the brokerage's new 3,000-square-foot space in Columbia Center in Downtown San Diego.

Broderick said some of this work included eliminating cubicles and placing an open kitchenette in the lobby area .

"We have more collaborative work spaces and not one panel of exterior glass is blocked by a wall," Broderick said.

Now, with leases coming due within the next 18 months and a chance to reconfigure space in its University Towne Centre and Carlsbad offices, Cassidy Turley plans to take the plunge once again.

The firm has about 25,000 square feet in its UTC and roughly 14,000 square feet in its Carlsbad offices, in addition to downtown San Diego.

"Absolutely we're going to open up the floor plans," Broderick said, adding that his company hired the LPA Inc. architecture and planning firm."The way it is now you have to work to see somebody."

Broderick said it only makes sense to plan 18 months ahead of the proposed changes, both to coordinate leases and work out any logistical issues.

"Plus, this is what we recommend to our clients," Broderick said.


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