After purchasing an existing 32.5-acre corporate site in Irvine, California, this leading medical device manufacturer completed a master plan to create a new vision for the campus. The result is the creation of more than 14 acres of new landscape, recreation and indoor/outdoor amenity spaces that reinforce the firm's brand and culture. 

The “Atrium” is a distinct focal point for the newly branded campus and serves as a unique connection between the visitor reception lobby and the heart of the corporate campus. The firm was challenged to create a space that could accommodate large staff meetings, while working effectively for the day-to-day collaborative and social needs of the staff. The solution is a sculptural, stadium-seating focal piece that accommodates more than 500 people when needed, and comfortably and effectively addresses smaller groups and functions. This space includes a full-service coffee and grab-and-go café, private meeting rooms, collaborative digital meeting spaces, museum elements and media displays, large scale projection capabilities and reception lobby. 

To increase collaboration, information sharing and connections to the outdoors, professionals have access to open meeting spaces, strategically placed workstations and technology-driven spaces that connect this global company across time zones and international datelines. The landscape design is a model of sustainability,using a combination native and drought-tolerant plant palette throughout the site and bioretention planters to clean stormwater. The project is tracking a LEED Platinum rating.

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Project Details

  • Completed in 2013
  • Irvine, CA
  • 32.5-acre site
  • AIA Orange County Design Award Winner