Signage & Graphics

  • Project Entry Announcements
  • Site and Building Navigation
  • Space Identification
  • ADA Compliance
  • Coordinated Architectural Look

Through our Signage and Graphics sector, LPA is capitalizing on the latest technology to create interpretive signage to better serve our clients. In order to offer full service design capabilities, LPA provides signage and graphic packages for all project types.

Integrated architecture, landscape and interior design, as well as, signage and graphics allow LPA to provide a consistent and complete design aesthetic. Signage and graphics often become the defining details of a project. These elements direct, enlighten, tell a story, and capture the imagination.

Signage programs can be used as an educational tool to demonstrate sustainable features, display local history, or enhance branding. A comprehensive signage and graphics package is designed to inform and educate employees, students, or visitors.

photo of Rick D'Amato For questions related to Signage & Graphics services, please contact:

Rick D'Amato


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