Integrated Project Delivery

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and successful Design Build relationships are effective with the implementation of common goals and values. These goals while in some ways typical take on a whole new meaning when utilized in a collaborative way.

  • Mutual Respect
  • Early Program/Goal Definition
  • Enhanced Communication
  • Clearly Defined Standards
  • Technology
  • Leadership

A construction's team involvement during design is essential to successful design build relationships. A key part of the success of our design-build management plan is early and consistent involvement of the construction team and appropriate major subcontractors throughout design development. The construction team focus will be to look at the design from the perspectives of:

  • Vision
  • Cost Analysis in Early Design Phases
  • Constructability Reviews
  • Material & Trade Availability
  • Establish the Safety Plan for Construction Operations
  • Review Design to Allow for Safe Installations
  • LEED Certification Process
  • Construction Schedule
  • Quality Management - Construction Details Input
  • Establish Construction Means and Methods
  • Construction Budget Generation

IPD relies heavily on an extensive and thorough design process that incorporates input and involvement of other team members, including constructors, during the design phase. Thus, the design process takes on added importance as other team members come to understand how the integrated project will work and how it will be completed. As a team member, LPA is necessarily involved in defining the design processes that will apply to the project.

Integrated projects allow for more extensive pre-construction efforts related to identifying and resolving potential design conflicts that traditionally may not be discovered until construction. As a result, we are required to perform in an earlier stage certain services that are traditionally performed later in the project. The resulting advancement of services potentially increases the volume of services provided in the design phase.

Frequent interactions with other team members during the design phase necessitates a strong collaborative relationship where continuous design document input is garnered from every member of the project team. Further enabling this continuous flow of information is our incorporation of processes and practices in Virtual Design and Construction which provides a basis for project collaboration and multi-disciplinary integration and contribution.

photo of Glenn Carels For questions related to Integrated Project Delivery services, please contact:

Glenn Carels
Principal / CDO


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