Irvine, CA, US

University Research Park

Adjacent to the University of California, Irvine, University Research Park (URP) is a 200-acre phased business park that captures its unique setting with an early California imagery. The bluff top site with views to Irvine Business Complex and freeway access has attracted such high tech companies as America On Line, Canon, and Cisco Systems. This 200-acre site has been master planned to create building clusters in two-building and 4-building layouts to allow tenant flexibility and future growth. The buildings range in size from 42,000-square-feet to 62,000-square-feet and are designed to accommodate high tech and research companies that want to locate near the University. The efficient floor plates and use of tilt-up concrete panel as the major building component not only allow the future user internal efficiency and flexibility, but also an economical rent structure in today’s highly competitive markets.

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