Garden Grove, CA, US

Southland Industries

The Southland Industries Regional Corporate Office is a 38,000-square-foot tenant improvement project. Southland Industries purchased the building for their Southern California Division and select corporate functions, including IT. As one of the nation’s largest and innovative mechanical design build contractors, LPA incorporates a working lab in the space to exhibit the various mechanical systems Southland Industries designs.

Access to daylight and views was paramount to the organization. In the high bay area the existing warehouse roll-up doors were in-filled with glass. Skylights were retrofitted with high-efficiency optics. Private offices located along the perimeter were designed with full-height glass for maximum access to daylight and views. The space "displays" what the companies does so all duct work, piping and sprinklers systems are exposed in the ceiling and coordinated with the acoustic clouds. The project is tracking LEED Gold CI certification.

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