Sport & Recreation

LPA designs sustainable, functional athletic and recreation environments that promote the holistic development and overall well-being of each athlete. This requires an integrated design process that embraces stakeholder engagement to build community authorship. LPA’s integrated team work on all aspects of Sports Architecture, including comprehensive recreation centers, stadiums, tracks, fields, gymnasiums, tennis complexes, competitive aquatic and recreational water complexes, training centers and support facilities for both the private and public sector. Our team of sports professionals has earned national recognition and includes clients at university, community college, high school, civic and private institutions. 

As the need for recreation facilities grows and the level of competitive play increases, the demands on the athletes and the organizations that provide and maintain the necessary facilities increase, as well. Our clients receive research-based design for their athletic facilities that provide innovative solutions addressing the physical, economic and social aspects of competition and recreation, while balancing the player and spectator experience. In addition to innovation of the physical design, LPA addresses the programming, procurement, delivery and maintenance of those materials and processes that contribute to the holistic success of a program.

photo of Arash Izadi For questions related to the Sport & Recreation market segment in California, please contact:

Arash Izadi


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