Sport & Recreation

LPA specializes in the development of state-of-the-art, functional athletic environments that promote holistic development and support the overall well being of each individual. Our fundamental goal is to design parks that blend, support, and enhance the overall quality of life for each community.

By integrating many sustainable elements into each park design we ensure that the regional impact advances beyond the athletic events that take place there. As regional constraints on the availability of water and the impact of storm water becomes more critical, on-site water management is integral to the success of each project.

Our strategy is to promote the use of natural, economical, and maintainable processes versus mechanical systems. Thereby an innovative, site appropriate approach to water management is developed through a collaborative process of evaluating sustainable opportunities including the use of rain gardens, bioswales, structural soil, water harvesting, first flush diversion, on-site retention and detention, and permeable surfaces.

photo of Arash Izadi For questions related to the Sport & Recreation market segment, please contact:

Arash Izadi


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