K-12 Schools

As a recognized leader in the K-12 Educational marketplace, LPA has completed more than 300 school facilities in California and Texas. LPA understands that one of the only constants in Education is change, and we support our clients by bringing research-based concepts in educational design to each design solution. This high degree of expertise and innovation has uniquely positioned LPA to develop a strong understanding of the unique needs of our public, charter and independent school clients.

Whether planning a new school, transforming an existing school through renovation and new construction, or master planning a District’s facility infrastructure, a sustainable integrated design process is the foundation of a strong value-based solution. The work of our integrated practice enables our clients to enjoy educational environments that maximize building performance, use fewer resources and provide clear opportunities to connect students with curriculum across all subjects and disciplines. Learning happens everywhere, and our commitment is that the building and site design allow students to actively engage with their school. 

photo of Wendy Rogers For questions related to the K-12 Schools market segment, please contact:

Wendy Rogers


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