Sustainable Services

Sustainable Assessment

Using the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) LEED® rating system and LPA's copyrighted software program LID™, we can promptly assess sustainable design options with accurate cost data. A building's "green" quotient can be documented in the beginning of the process assuming that sustainability is an integrated component of the building and without added cost.

LEED Consulting

Given our expertise in sustainable design and the LEED® Certification process, LPA typically provides all of the required services for LEED submittal and documentation to the USGBC for certification.

Agency Programs/Rebates Assessments

There are numerous programs available to aid in acquiring funding for sustainable aspects of any project. LPA can identify the programs and funding amounts available and assemble the necessary applications for funding.

Energy Audits and Computer Modeling

LPA has a broad range of expertise providing computer models and energy use simulations that help the client understand how the proposed project will perform. Energy simulation throughout the design process guides the design team in evaluating costs and available options.

Life-cycle Cost Analysis

While our firm's policy is that sustainable design can be achieved within any project budget, the initial cost often only provides one part of the equation in sustainable design. Understanding the costs over the entire project life can be a useful benefit analysis for the user. LPA's experience with Life-cycle Cost Analysis enables an intelligent decision-making process to be adapted for all sustainable aspects of a project.


The eco-charrette conducted by one of LPA's LEED® accredited professionals is a focused effort where architects, landscape architects, engineers, and the client come together to explore the sustainable potential of a project. During this highly interactive session the team will develop green concepts for site work, water efficiency, energy efficiency , indoor air quality, and material resources that will be implemented or require further study by team members before they become part of the project's DNA. At the conclusion of the session, a sustainable road map using LPA's LID™ software program creates action items and assignments for further study to guide the efforts of the team in finding the right sustainable solution for the project.

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