Sustainable Approach

Sustainable Approach

The efforts of our design team are guided by three sustainable principles. These principles emerge from more than twenty years of sustainable practices that embrace the balance between time honored design and appropriate modern technology. This marriage between the old and new is the key to our sustainable design strategy.

Take What the Site Offers For Free

A good design derives the process and vocabulary of a building from the knowledge of its natural surroundings. Therefore our buildings whether they are located in the Arizona Sonora desert, the Southern California Coast, Northern California or the Colorado High Plain desert, are all unique responses to their place. The collaboration of the client and LPA will ensure that the architecture will be contextual, timeless, and distinct.

Make Sustainability Part of the Building's DNA

Good design and sustainability should work together to result in superior green strategies, technology systems, and architectural design. A building should wear its sustainability not only as a demonstration serving to inspire those who interact with the facility, but also as a model of achievement for the community.

Design Differently

Our team's sustainable approach is in contrast to the conventional method which most firms apply to sustainable building design. First, our team begins with the site itself. We are aggressive in our use of its free gifts for sustainable design. Secondly, the understanding of the local climate and environment offer clues necessary in designing a facility where passive systems are maximized and reinforced by the building structure and shape. In the third step, we apply the latest appropriate conservation measures to begin at a lower base line for all energy uses and renewable offsets. After we fully utilize the opportunities of these measures we begin to look at the active systems and the latest appropriate technologies available.

LPA's inverted approach gives the client a new project that uses fewer resources and is fundamentally more cost effective than the typical sustainable project which offers the best value delivery for the project.

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