LPA University

LPA established an ongoing relationship with the University of California, Irvine to initiate a research component at LPA entitled, "LPA University." This program is dedicated to providing cutting edge research pertaining to sustainable building design to the entire LPA staff. Each month the LPA University presentation covers research carried out by a specific market segment along with dedicated research staff. Our leaders that organize material presented by outside AIA CES providers are given suggestions by our staff to cater to in-house educational needs.

The firm established three objectives to guide the firm's overall direction and give purpose to the LPA University programs. The three goals are:

  • 100% of professional staff to be LEED® accredited.
  • All projects at LPA to exceed Savings by Design (SBD) requirements. SBD requires that a project exceeds
  • Title-24 by a minimum of 10% while our goal is 15%.

Sustainability will guide our product purchases and our processes.

The majority of our LEED accredited professionals have received training through our LEED training seminars. As a result of our LPA University efforts many more sustainable systems and concepts have been incorporated into our designs. We also offer many of our in-house educational programs to our affiliated professionals and clients.

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