LEED Training

LPA Initiatives LEED® Accredited Professionals

LPA instituted an in-house educational program to train all of the firm's staff to become LEED® Accredited Professionals.

Sustainable Advocate Action Team ("SAAT")

LPA founded a Sustainable Advocate Action Team in 2006. These leaders determine educational goals and seek future opportunities for the firm as well as collate educational findings. This information is disseminated to the firm through market segment representatives.

Each project team has an Advocate who helps ensure that the project team meets LPA's and the client's sustainable building goals. The Advocate also assures that the Savings By Design program is introduced at the beginning of the project's planning and design process. In addition, the Advocate defines the documentation process, identifies grant opportunities, researches state and federal incentives applicable to the project, and establishes commissioning goals for the project.

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