Integrated Collaboration

LPA's passion for the holistic nature of sustainability has altered the way in which we approach our process internally. The traditional architectural practice of cobbling together separate disciplines for a project, with little to no integration, is simply not effective in enabling the design of truly sustainable solutions that are in the best interest of the client. There was a pressing need to rethink this outdated approach; as a result, we created a new model.

Our integrated design process, in which in-house architects and engineers work collaboratively on a day-to-day basis in real-time, enables us to create projects that “do more with less.” The results yield buildings that solve more problems and work better for the people using the spaces, while requiring less energy, water, square footage and materials.

We believe that sustainability is much too important to be treated as a scorecard; it is neither additive nor subtractive, but ingrained into the building’s DNA. We believe that an understanding of place, coupled with a problem solving approach where sustainability leads an integrated team in the design process, is where an authentic and timeless architecture is created. In lieu of chasing fashion, we find the synergies between design excellence and sustainability that create long term value for our clients; we believe this is a model for the future.

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