Our People

There is no denying that LPA is a special place. We are a large firm that operates like a small one with flexibility and future thinking. We are set apart by our people and passion for architecture.

"We are creative problem solvers and we all contribute to the product, which in my eyes, separates us from other firms," comments Principal Joe Yee.

Our passion is pronounced and clients have come to expect it. They enjoy the seamless steadiness in our people and projects. "There's a consistency in the way people treat and appreciate each other, and a consistency in the way we deliver projects and service to our clients," says Principal Kevin Sullivan. "It doesn't matter whether the Irvine, Roseville or San Diego office is servicing a client. They get the same thing from LPA."

This company takes selecting the right people seriously. We look for the right attitudes, skills, experience and personalities. "It's the people here that really make LPA special and they are one of the main reasons our clients come back for more," comments Principal Jon Mills. Certainly, we design stunning architecture but it's the relationships that make each experience exciting.

LPA is set apart by our total commitment to doing what is right for the client. "We learn their needs, understand their uniqueness, and let these factors drive the design process," says President Dan Heinfeld. "We listen in a deep and active way and our clients appreciate that."

We are our Core Values, they are not something we spin. We provide buildings that provide community, while living our lives in a way that is relevant to the communities around us.

Diversity is apparent in every aspect of this firm, from our market segments, to our clientele, to the types of employees we hire and the talents they exhibit.

There's an entrepreneurial spirit and freedom at LPA, "and that means a lot to employees," finishes Vice President Jim Kelly. "It's like America on a smaller scale. There's great opportunity here."

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