Our Culture

LPA's unique, collaborative atmosphere creates an energized office space, which encourages employees to live balanced, sustainable lives both in the office and at home.

There are no private offices. Employees work in an environment without traditional boundaries, which fosters the flow of ideas and supports communication between design teams. Everyone from the CEO on down sits in collaborative workstations made of recycled contents, which have been purchased locally and blanket wrapped to avoid packaging waste.

Sustainability is woven into every aspect of LPA's firm culture. Our LEED®-CI office and sustainability lab supports the firm's creative and collaborative green efforts.

Green principles, design strategies, and technological advances have been ingrained into the firm through continuing education, staff meetings, and an in-house green library. Graphics throughout the office identify the sustainable elements used in our headquarters, and natural daylighting and outdoor views are accessible to 100 percent of the interior work spaces.

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